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A fter 3 years of printed editions, Farm News magazine is now available in digital format. The Farm News website has the objective of sharing information about the agribusiness and Massey Fergunson's new launches. With a technical as well as informational approach, the online magazine is published in three languages: Campo Aberto, in Portuguese; Campo Abierto, in Spanish; and Farm News, in English. Browse our website to find plenty of information and become knowledgeable in the world agribusiness. You can opt for the flip mode to virtually flip through the magazine, or the text mode, in which you can easily search for subjects using the key-words search. Join us online and send us your opinion, comments, suggestions, or suggest subjects you would like to see on Farm News magazine.

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Current Edition Nº 7

Edição 7 2014

Highlights of this edition

Costa Rica: immense natural wealth

With impressive nature, Costa Rica is an example of environmental preservation to the world. This little country, with a territory of only 51,000 square kilometers, can count on immense ...

Tradition and technology

Mennonites colonies are under the spotlight in Santa Cruz de la Sierra and contribute to the increase of food production in Bolivia The farmer Edward Toews has been using MF 9790 combine ...

Taking care of the farm is the secret of good management

Son of a small farmer, Tomas Juzhani Lovera is one of the main agricultural producers in Bolivia. Born in Potosi, he went by himself to Argentina when he 10 years-old, where he worked ...

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